St. Louis Browns
Historical Society Site

YEAR: 2015

Jacob Fisher & Dave Mikush

The St. Louis Browns Historical Society's mission is to preserve the memory of baseball's forgotten team, the St. Louis Browns. The Society came to HLK with a blogspot template from 2002 and a closet full of memorabilia and anecdotes. After many experiments and iterations, we built an experience that doubles as an interactive museum, highlighting notable players, wins (but mostly losses), stories and antics.

The historical nature of the story lent itself to a textured, vintage design that stands out from from the ultra-flat interfaces that dominate interactive design today. The unique brown and orange color palette and retro logos were a blast to use. We wanted to create a full-screen experience that led the user through the timeline of the team’s tenure in St. Louis. The animation and UX details on the front-end take the experience to the next level. Every interaction is silky smooth and thoughtfully considered. Check out the live site.